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The British Association of Stroke Physicians (BASP) was set up in April 1999 to promote better care for people with stroke in the UK. The five objectives of BASP are:

1. Training: Improving and assuring the training of doctors in Stroke Medicine;

2. Research: Promoting and disseminating research in Stroke;

3. Clinical Standards: Leading on clinical standards for Stroke Services and for doctors practising in Stroke Medicine;

4. Policy: Developing and influencing local and national policy for Stroke Services;

5. Expertise: Providing expert advice to external bodies on all aspects of Stroke Medicine

Further information is available from the President.


Elections for Deputy Secretary of BASP Executive Committee will commence on Thursday 26 November 2015.  Go to My BASP>Elections

There has been an error at the BASP office concerning the election that was in progress for Deputy Secretary.  One candidate’s application was not received at the office, although it was undoubtedly sent at the appropriate time to be registered.  After some discussion, it has been decided by the BASP Executive that the fairest option would be to re-run this specific vote.  This means that the voting will commence today 26th November and close on 18th December 2015,and the results will be announced sometime in late December. 

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The report of the Expert Working Group of the Commission on Human Medicines on alteplase is now available

The Expert Working Group has reviewed the evidence about the safety and efficacy of alteplase for treating patients with acute ischaemic stroke in great detail. They have concluded that alteplase is a safe and effective treatment for carefully selected patients and that the quicker the treatment is given the more likely it is to be beneficial. Communication about the potential benefit and risk to patients and their families is an important component of good clinical care.

The findings of the report have been widely welcomed:

Professor Tony Rudd, National Clinical Director for Stroke:
 'Thrombolysis and the use of alteplase is an effective treatment for those who have suffered a stroke. I now believe that the robust findings of this review should go a long way to allying fears and concerns around its treatment.'

Dr Damian Jenkinson President of the British Association for Stroke Physicians:
 'I welcome these findings set out by the independent panel. They enforce the evidence that the quicker people are treated, the quicker they will start to make a recovery - as we know time is brain.'

Dr Dale Webb, Director of Research and Information at the Stroke Association:
The findings of the review are 'extremely welcome for stroke patients and their familiies'

Professor Jane Dacre, President of the Royal College of Physicians (London):
 'The findings set out by the independent expert panel are welcome news for stroke patients and the stroke physicians who treat them.  The use of the latest evidence and thorough scientific assessment by the panel adds strong support to the appropriate use of this important treatment for stroke patients. Evidence shows that eligible patients are more likely to survive a stroke without disability when treated with thrombolysis - using alteplase.'

Best wishes 

Helen Rodgers, Gavin Young and Damian Jenkinson